Age, Height, Education (Australia/China, 9 mins, Mandarin Chinese)
Writer/Director: Kate Lefoe

Each weekend at People’s Park in Shanghai, parents gather in hopes of finding suitable mates for their children. Interviews with some of the parents are heartfelt, humorous, and insightful.

The Tent Village (India, 27 mins, English)
Director: Nilima Abrams

A rare view of roadside dwellers, filmed by their children; and an exploration of innate worth.

Born-Again Artist (USA, 10 mins, English)
Director: Christopher Kim

First-generation Vietnamese American Christine Hoang rediscovers theatre 15 years after giving up on her artistic dreams.

How I Ruined My Fried Noodles With Beef (USA, 11 mins, Mandarin Chinese)
Writer/Director: Qian Zhuang

A graduate student in Austin craving food of his native Guangdong province embarks on a quest to prepare one of his favorite dishes and reflects on his ultimate disappointment.

Meeting with the Leaf (Iran, 14 mins, Persian)
Writer/Director: Fazlollah Tari

An elderly lady whose husband passed away long ago believes that his soul has been reincarnated in a mulberry tree.

Total Runtime: 73 minutes

All films in this program are in competition for Best Documentary Short

This program is FREE and open to the public. Like all festival screenings, priority seating will be given to festival badge and film pass holders.