The Waltz (USA, 11 mins, Mandarin Chinese/English)
Writer/Director: Trevor Zhou

An elderly mother discovers waltz lessons, which help her manage her compulsive hoarding.

The Lemon Tree (USA, 11 mins, English)
Writer/Director: Amanda Yam

A young girl spends time with her father on his deathbed, who has suffered from a lemon tree growing out of his belly button.

Frequency (Iran, 8 mins, Persian)
Writer/Director: Alireza Ghasemi

In class, a student gets pulled into a story she is imagining for a project.

All Men Are Flowers (USA/Korea, 16 mins, English/Korean)
Writer/Director: Shirley Kim-Ryu

After missing the opportunity to tell her crush she likes him before going to Korea for the summer, Kara receives a message from her recently deceased grandfather that helps her discover her womanhood.

SEED (USA, 14 mins, English)
Writer/Director: Nelson Lee

In a dystopian future, 40-year-old Nathan says goodbye to his family and loved ones on his final birthday.

Total Runtime: 61 minutes

All films in this program are in competition for Best Narrative Short

This program will be FREE and open to the public. Like all festival screenings, priority seating will be given to festival badge and film pass holders.