Jazz Abroad (USA, 14 mins, Japanese/English)
Director: Yuta Yamaguchi

Three female Japanese musicians form an unique jazz trio.

Weavers of Imagination بافندگان خیال‬‎ (Iran, 21 mins, Persian)
Director: Sadeq Jafari

A group of unsighted people weave elaborate carpets using braille.

Other (USA, 13 mins, English)
Director: Peter Trinh

What does racism against Asians in America look like? How does the model minority myth perpetuate stereotypes and the notion of “other”? How does the Asian community progress? Through insightful interviews with political activists, artists, politicians, immigrants, and others, this film explores those questions from many perspectives within this diverse community.

Total Runtime: 48 minutes

All films in this program are in competition for Best Documentary/Experimental Short

This program will be FREE and open to the public. Like all festival screenings, priority seating will be given to festival badge and film pass holders.