(Free Program)

Death in a Day 浮生一日 (USA/China, 14 mins, Mandarin)
Director: Lin Wang

Evan would enjoy nothing more than to spend his day inside playing with his toys. He’s 7 years old, Chinese, living with his soon-to-be widowed mother, Wei. After visiting his comatose father in the hospital, Evan learns he must come to grips with the impending death falling upon his family while watching helplessly as his mother tries to cope with single parenthood.

The Pits (Canada, 6 mins, English)
Director: Shetu Modi

At 13, Dhruvi is appalled to learn the Indian food she eats every day makes her armpits smell funny. Her struggle with pungent food and bold spices resurfaces years later, when she’s drawn to a fellow South Asian student in university.

Glorious Victory (USA, 2 mins, no dialogue)
Director: Will Kim

Glorious Victory is a watercolor animated short about two beetles intensely fighting over a fig fruit.

Lunch Time وقت ناهار (Iran, 15 mins, Persian)
Director: Alireza Ghasemi

A 16-year-old girl deals with the responsibility and harsh bureaucracy of having to identify the body of her mother.

Home Is Where the Sunsets (USA, 8 mins, Cantonese/English)
Director: Kayla Tong

Alison’s life in L.A. turns upside down when her family comes to visit from Hong Kong for the very first time. Stuffed into her cramped apartment, Alison finds beauty and heartache in the smallest of moments.

Total Runtime: 45 minutes

All films in this program are in competition for Best Narrative Short

This program will be FREE and open to the public. Like all festival screenings, priority seating will be given to festival badge and film pass holders.