(Free Program)

Tutorial > SKIP? (US, 4 mins, English)
Directors: Thy Vo, Sydney Seekford, Ryan Imm

The tutorial guide for newly created RPG adventurers tries its best teach how to play the game but faces a dilemma familiar to many veteran gamers: mashing that skip button.

Maybe (US, 10 mins, English)
Director: Kat Cole

After an unexpected encounter in Waikiki, a young girl explores her sexuality in secret, causing new rifts between her and her religious Filipino family.

Sister 妹妹 (China/US, 8 mins, Mandarin)
Director: Siqi Song

A man remembers his childhood memory of growing up with an annoying little sister in 1990s China. How would his life have been if things had gone differently?

May Flowers (Canada, 7 mins, English)
Director: Marianna Phung

A rude customer barks up the wrong tree and May shows him how she handles business in her flower shop.

A Doll’s Hug 擁抱 (Taiwan, 20 mins, Mandarin)
Director: Rob Chihwen Lo

Taiwanese teenager XiangYu creates a fantasy world for his Barbie doll as a refuge from the violence, bullying, and loneliness that surrounds his life.

Total Runtime: 49 minutes

All films in this program are in competition for Best Narrative Short

This program will be FREE and open to the public. Like all festival screenings, priority seating will be given to festival badge and film pass holders.