Several AAAFF ‘16 documentaries have made its broadcast premiere on PBS this month, and are now streaming at Don’t miss your chance to check out these great films!

2016-mele-muralsMele Murals

MELE MURALS follows renowned street artists Estria Miyashiro (aka Estria) and John Hina (aka Prime) as they work to educate youth in a rural Hawaiian community by creating murals that address the ill effects of environmental change and modernization of culture.

Available on until May 31, 2017. Watch the film here.

forever-chinatown5Forever, Chinatown

The documentary short FOREVER, CHINATOWN follows self-taught artist Frank Wong, who spent the past four decades creating intricate miniature dioramas of the San Francisco Chinatown of his youth. Winner of the AAAFF ’16 Audience Award for Best Documentary Short.

Available on until June 7, 2017. Watch the film here.

2016-unbroken-glassUnbroken Glass

A film that received special mention from the documentary jury at AAAFF ‘16, UNBROKEN GLASS follows filmmaker Dinesh Das Sabu as he confronts a history of mental illness in his family and searches for a deeper understanding of his parents, who passed away in short succession when he was 6 years old.

Available on until June 15, 2017. Watch the film here.

eddy-parole-stillBreathin’: The Eddy Zheng Story

After coming to America when he was 12, Eddy Zheng was tried and convicted as an adult at age 16 for kidnapping and robbery, becoming the youngest prisoner at San Quentin State Prison. During his time behind bars, Eddy learns English, completes a college degree, and eventually becomes a vocal advocate for prison reform. Winner of both the Audience and Jury Award for Best Documentary Feature at AAAFF ’16, BREATHIN’ offers a powerful portrait of Eddy on his long road to freedom and redemption.

Available on until August 22, 2017. Watch the film here.

Watch these films online while you can, or check your local PBS station and World Channel for airdates.  Also check out the Center for Asian American Media’s fantastic blog post on these and other Asian American documentaries streaming on PBS this month.