Meet Akki Brathwaite, creator of the striking AAAFF 2019 poster design!

Akki is an Austin-based artist, designer, and maker who enjoys laughing and snacking with friends.

Akki worked with AAAFF to create a design that was abstract, while also alluding to a variety of Asian and Asian American cultures and our mission of sharing them on film. When asked about the inspiration behind her final design and her interest in taking on AAAFF as a client, she said:

“As an Asian and American, I was excited to contribute to the community that AAAFF is providing to the film world and to Asian Americans in the Austin area. Representation matters! Asian cultures and Asian-American cultures hold so many facets and it’s difficult to try to represent all of them. The patterns and shapes within the design hold different meanings. Pops of color and film-related shapes were added for more fun.”

Love Akki’s work as much as we do? See more on her website and Etsy shopand follow her on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn!

AAAFF 2019 Poster

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The 11th Austin Asian American Film Festival takes place at AFS Cinema from June 13-16, 2019. Festival badges, film passes, and individual film tickets are available for purchase here.