Preceded by Short: QUYEN

The Marchesa Hall & Theatre
SUN Nov 15, 7:45PM

ATOMIC HEART follows two late-twenty-something party girls Arineh and Nobahar, who wear jewel-colored headscarves to cover their brightly dyed hair. After a night of chewing on gummies and discussing who invented the western toilet with their hipster friend Kami, they find themselves in a traffic accident that introduces them to a mysterious stranger who believes he is not of this world.

Inventively choreographed and filled with witty philosophical banter, Ali Ahmadzadeh’s surreal, multi-layered second feature portrays a side of modern-day Tehran that’s rarely seen and marks Ahmadzadeh as a major new talent in Iranian cinema.

DIRECTOR:  Ali Ahmadzade
WRITERS:  Ali Ahmadzade, Mani Baghbani
PRODUCER:  Amir Seyedzadeh
CAST: Mohammad Reza Golzar, Taraneh Alidoosti, Mehrdad Sedighian, Pegah Ahangarani

LENGTH: 97 min
LANGUAGE:  Persian (Farsi)
GENRE:  Drama

2015 Berlin Film Festival Forum section selection