2015 | Horror/Comedy | USA | 83 min

Join us on Tuesday, July 11th at the Violet Crown Cinema for a special screening of CRUSH THE SKULL, winner of the Nightfall Award for best horror film at the 2015 Los Angeles Film Festival. After native Austinite and UT film school graduate Viet Nguyen’s short film CRUSH THE SKULL (2010) won the Best Short Film award at the NBC Shortcuts Festival, it went on to screen at several other prestigious festivals including Fantastic Fest. This led to a successful Kickstarter campaign that funded the feature length directorial debut for Nguyen under the same title in 2015.

Ollie (Chris Dinh) and Blair (Katie Savoy), a young married couple, have turned to a life of thievery as a means to get rich quick and live out their dream of early retirement. After a botched burglary attempt lands Ollie in jail, they are forced to do one last job to pay back their debts. Don’t miss your chance to see this film the Los Angeles Times says is “destined for cult status.”

Date: Tuesday, July 11th
Time: 7:00 P.M.
Location: Violet Crown Cinema (434 W. 2nd St—FREE Parking Validation)
Tickets: Click here