A smart and sassy comedy, featuring show-stopping performances by Pia Shah and Emily C. Chang, from Tanuj Chopra (director of PUNCHING AT THE SUN). Ph.D candidate Cam is struggling to complete a favor for her drug-dealing fiancé: deliver a large bag of weed to an unknown buyer. On one hand, she feels a sense of loyalty to her partner, but she doesn’t want to feel like a mule. She processes her decision in a park with her lifelong stoner best friend Jinky. They embark on a day they will not soon forget.

Filmmaker Tanuj Chopra & star Pia Shah expected in attendance!

IN COMPETITION for Best Narrative Feature

EDITOR:  Rachel Tejada
CAST:  Emily C. Chang, Pia Shah, Anthony Ma

LENGTH:  61 min
LANGUAGE:  English
GENRE:  Comedy

2016 CAAMFest  Official Selection
2016 Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival  Best Editor