Indie Meme and the Austin Asian American Film Festival proudly present BARLEY FIELDS ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE MOUNTAIN, screening as part of the 3rd Annual Indie Meme Film Festival at 10:30 A.M. Saturday, April 21st at the Regal Arbor 8!

Striking cinematography sets the scene in this film about the difficulties that come with China’s ruling over Tibet. Pema, a young teenager who resides in the remote mountains of Tibet, has her world shattered when Chinese soldiers arrest her father. While her mother is busy with her siblings, she finds solace at a local Buddhist convent, where she meets a nun who is organizing an escape with other locals over the Himalayas into India.

Director Tian Tsering was born and raised in China, but is now a London resident after attending school at London Film School. It has taken him 7 years to bring BARLEY FIELDS to life. A Skype Q&A with Tsering will follow the film’s screening.

To book tickets, please visit the Indie Meme Film Festival website.