Filmmaker Nadia Shihab explores diasporic longing and the meaning of home within her own Iraqi family. By visiting her hometown of Lubbock, Texas, she playfully observes the city’s quirks before recalling her own experiences of it. The film pulls focus when Shihab questions how her own experiences and environment connect with her family’s homeland of Iraq. The filmmaker meditates on cross-cultural effects by affectionately portraying the isolated life of her artist mother, her grandfather’s yearning to return to Iraq, and the discovery of her complex identity. What may be oversimplified as assimilation, JADDOLAND presents as a quietly profound and complex perspective on the concept of home for immigrant generations. – Ray Loyd

Filmmaker(s) in attendance for post-screening Q&A!

“Shihab’s palpable love for her mother courses through her film and JADDOLAND functions both as a tribute to her work and life as well as a sincere interrogation of the idea of “home,” how the concept morphs and evolves depending on one’s own comfort with their journey.”
– Vikram Murthi,



IN COMPETITION for Best Documentary Feature
Featured in our Texas Documentary Showcase

PRODUCERS: Nadia Shihab, Talal Al-Muhanna
ASSOCIATE PRODUCERS: Sara Dosa, Lara Sarkissian
EDITOR: Avrïl Jacobson
MUSIC: Mark David Ashworth, Nadia Shihab & Martin Crane

LENGTH: 90 min
LANGUAGES: Arabic | English | Turkish
GENRE: Documentary | Family


2018 New Orleans Film Festival Special Jury Mention for Best Documentary
2018 Houston Cinema Arts Festival
IndieGrits 2019
2019 Ashland Independent Film Festival
2019 Dallas International Film Festival
2019 Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival Special Jury Award
2019 DOXA Documentary Film Festival
CAAMFest 2019
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