Preceded by Short: MOTHERLAND

The Marchesa Hall & Theatre
FRI Nov 13, 6:00PM


Three interleaving stories shed light on an unfamiliar face of the Asian diaspora — an enormous informal marketplace in Buenos Aires that draws migrants from throughout the world. As a Korean businessman frets over his daughter’s pending nuptials, a Bolivian teenager and his uncle cross the border illegally searching for work, and a Taiwanese clerk woos a security guard at the market in between late night calls home to his worried mother. Lyrical but measured, Juan Martín Hsu’s debut feature is a uniquely polyglot film, with significant amounts of dialogue in Korean, Mandarin, and Spanish. It’s fitting— like its characters, LA SALADA finds itself connected to many cultures but not bound to any one of them.

PRODUCER:  Manuel Faillace
CAST:  Ignacio Huang, Yunseon Kim, Chang Sun Kim, Nicolás Mateo,
Mimí Ardú, Paloma Contreras, Limbert Ticona, Lizeth Villaroel, Percy Jiménez

LENGTH:  92 min
LANGUAGE:  Spanish | Korean | Mandarin
COUNTRY:  Argentina
GENRE:  Drama

2013 San Sebastián International Film Festival Films in Progress Industry Award
2014 Toronto International Film Festival Official Selection (premiere screening)