While having her long-time boyfriend dump her, her mom romance a new girlfriend, and her best friend away at the school of her dreams, Rex is forced to fight her own battles with the occasional help of her ferret, Lucifer.

The debut feature from director Stephanie Lou Hauge, NOSTRUM is low-fi, unapologetically idiosyncratic, and unusually charming.

Filmmaker Stephanie Lou Hauge expected in attendance!


IN COMPETITION for Best Narrative Feature

DIRECTOR/WRITER:  Stephanie Lou Hauge
PRODUCERS:  Laurie Macpherson, Malcolm Smith
CAST:  Emily McKinley Hill, Tucker Bennett, Sarah Regis Fitzpatrick, Crystal Day, Marissa Lanuza, Laura Carlson, James Robert Smith, Calum Macpherson-Smith

LENGTH:  69 min
LANGUAGE:  English
GENRE:  Comedy