OMOTENASHI | 盛情款待おもてなし

UT Arlington Film alumnus Jay Chern’s third feature film, OMOTENASHI, follows Jacky, a young Taiwanese American man, sent by his father to oversee the renovation of a failing ryokan (traditional Japanese guesthouse) on the outskirts of Kyoto in anticipation of its sale. His initial reaction is that simply demolishing it and building a new hotel would be more cost-effective. He also takes the opportunity to meet with his ex-girlfriend Naoko, only to find out that she is engaged to be married. The widowed Mitsuko and her daughter Rika have been responsible for the management of the inn. After Rika and Jacky butt heads, she manages to confront him about plans for the inn directly in front of her mother and his father. When cornered, Jacky appears to have a moment of inspiration: they will transform the ryokan into a wedding venue, with Naoko as the first client. It’s not clear if this is a ploy to win her back, but the project is underway. There are several interwoven plotlines involving conflicts between tradition and modernity, responsibility and regret, desire and love, but in the end, this is essentially a story of one young man’s maturation. – Herb Ling

Filmmaker in attendance for post-screening Q&A!

“The film’s commentary on breaking down boundaries—between tradition and modernity, as well as between cultures—proves timely and astute.”
– Sarah Ward, Screen International

“A breezy romantic drama boasting a photogenic cast, equally beautiful settings and poised storytelling, Taiwanese director Jay Chern has hardly put a step wrong in his feature-film debut.”
– Clarence Tsui, The Hollywood Reporter



IN COMPETITION for Best Narrative Feature

WRITERS: Jay Chern, Mami Sunada
PRODUCERS: Jay Chern, Junichi Kitagawa
MUSIC: Trio Ohashi
FEATURING: Wang Po-Chieh, Rena Tanaka, Kimiko Yo, Lea Yang, Mina Fujii

LENGTH: 96 min
LANGUAGES: English | Japanese | Mandarin
COUNTRIES: Japan | Taiwan
GENRE: Drama


2018 Hong Kong International Film Festival Opening Film
2018 Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival