It has always been a challenge for Asians and Asian-Americans to be at the forefront of race and social issues. Whether it’s the model minority myth, perpetual foreigner stereotype, or the lack of presence in media and politics, Asians have been made to feel othered. As much as Asians have fought to succeed, racism against Asians still exist, stereotypes continue, and we still are fighting to break through the “bamboo ceiling”. What does racism against Asians in America look like? How does the model minority myth perpetuate stereotypes and the notion of “other”? How does the Asian community progress?

“Other” answers these questions through insightful interviews with Asian-American political activists, artists, politicians, immigrants, and other members of the Asian community from various areas of America. From politicians to professors, immigrants to illustrators, Chinese to Indian, perspective differs but our stories are all intertwined. Often, we see a separation between East Asians, Southeast Asians, and South Asians, even though we are all battling the same issues of being othered. Understanding that the Asian community is not monolithic, this documentary features a rare look at Asian perspectives and issues from all those various communities.

IN COMPETITION for Best Documentary/Experimental Short

DIRECTOR: Peter Trinh

LENGTH: 12 minutes 35 seconds
GENRE: Short Documentary