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The Marchesa Hall & Theatre
SAT Nov 14, 3:00PM

Set in the late 1960’s on the military island Kinmen, often seen as Taiwan’s most dangerous outpost because of its close proximity to China, PARADISE IN SERVICE tells the story of Pao (Ethan Juan), a naïve but kindhearted young man from Taiwan who is drafted and eventually assigned to a unit in charge of a military-run brothel. In this peculiar assignment, Pao vows to keep his virginity against all odds.

The third collaboration between director Doze Niu and lead actor Ethan Juan (Monga, LOVE), the film interweaves Pao’s main romantic storyline with rich subplots, one of which revolves around the Sergeant Major Chang (Chen Jian Bin), an illiterate Northerner who carries a tough exterior but heartbreakingly yearns for his home in China that remains tragically out of reach. This complex emotional depth and cultural divide between older Kuomintang (KMT) military men from China and younger Taiwanese soldiers makes PARADISE IN SERVICE a love in wartime drama that is uniquely Taiwanese.

WRITER:  Tseng Li-Ting
PRODUCER:  Jimmy Huang, Liu Weijan, Selina Shen
CAST:  Ethan Juan, Chen Jianbin, Wan Qian, Chen Yi-Han, Wang Po-Chieh

LENGTH: 133 min
LANGUAGE:  Mandarin, Taiwanese
COUNTRY:  Taiwan
GENRE:  Historical Drama

2015 Berlin Film Festival Panorama section selection
2014 Busan International Film Festival Opening Film