Preceded by Short: ENFILADE

The Marchesa Hall & Theatre
FRI Nov 13, 11:00PM

Like a long-ago late night out with a wild friend, RUINED HEART situates itself squarely in the realm between dream and reality. There is no dialogue of any consequence, and the plot doesn’t get much more complex than the title suggests, but the mix of hypnotic imagery and lush soundtrack will leave you dizzy with awe. The film is a showcase for the talents of a distinguished international cast and crew: stars Tadanobu Asano (ICHI THE KILLER) and Nathalia Acevedo (POST TENEBRAS LUX), composer Brezel Goring (of Stereo Total), and legendary cinematographer Christopher Doyle. At the center of it all is director Khavn (the subject of a 2007 AAAFF mini-retrospective). Relentlessly experimental and impressively prolific, his work is sometimes uncomfortable, frequently graphic, and always unabashedly unconventional.

PRODUCERS: Khavn, Stephan Holl, Achinette Villamor
CINEMATOGRAPHER: Christopher Doyle
CAST: Tadanobu Asano, Nathalia Acevedo, Vim Nadera, Elena Kazan

LENGTH:  73 min
LANGUAGE:  Tagalog
COUNTRY:  Philippines | Germany
GENRE:  “Punk Noir Opera”

2014 Tokyo International Film Festival Official Selection (world premiere screening)