Preceded by Short: WHEN MOM VISITS

The Marchesa Hall & Theatre
THU Nov 12, 7:00PM


Korean American filmmaker Benson Lee’s tribute to ‘80’s John Hughes romantic comedies, SEOUL SEARCHING is about a group of teens from around the globe who meet in Seoul at a government-sponsored summer camp for Korean youth living overseas.

With a stellar ensemble cast led by Justin Chon (Revenge of the Green Dragons [AAAFF ’14], Twilight) and Jessika Van (Awkward), the story follows these teens as they break rules and compete to impress members of the opposite sex. As they navigate what it means to be Korean through unexpected friendships and experiences, they also start to learn more about themselves. In SEOUL SEARCHING, Lee combines the iconic coming-of-age storytelling of The Breakfast Club with an earnest portrayal of the Korean diasporic experience, all set to a rockin’ 80’s soundtrack.

PRODUCERS:  Benson Lee, Andrea Chung
CAST:  Justin Chon, Jessika Van (Skype Q&A), Teo Yoo, Esteban Ahn, Kang Byul, Rosalina Leigh, Sue Son, Crystal Kay, Heejun Han, Uatchet Jin Juch, Nekhebet Kum Juch

 109 min
LANGUAGE:  English | Korean | German
COUNTRY:  USA | S. Korea
GENRE:  Romantic Comedy

2015 Sundance Film Festival Official Selection (premiere screening)