Preceded by Short: PILLOWS

The Marchesa Hall & Theatre
SAT Nov 14, 10:00PM

Well intentioned but terminally lonely, Johnny (Edwin Li, also co-writer) toils as a dishwasher while pursuing dreams of being a stand-up comic. Success is elusive, and his life is complicated by the arrival of Jeanie (Noreen Lee), a family friend (or perhaps a distant relative), down on her luck and needing a place to crash. Johnny and Jeanie’s searches for purpose in their lives leads them through a world of eccentrics, confirming that, despite reports to the contrary, not all the weirdos have been priced out of San Francisco. Matt Szymanowski’s feature debut takes the audience to some unexpected and occasionally uncomfortable places, but never loses touch with its characters’ humanity.

DIRECTOR/WRITER/PRODUCER/STORY:  Matt Szymanowski (In Attendance)
PRODUCER:  Irma Kollar
STORY/LEAD ACTOR:  Edwin Li (In Attendance)
CAST:  Edwin Li, Noreen Lee, Lynn Gentry, Carla Clay, Larry Krone, Vint Carmona, Evgeniya Sho, Jesse Fernandez, Sal Calanni, Ross Turner, Ayelette Robinson

LENGTH: 75 min
LANGUAGE:  English
COUNTRY:  USA | Poland
GENRE:  Indie Dramedy