“Man of Korea” is South Korea’s most prominent “men’s rights” organization. Marshalling the resentment of his followers—mostly young men with troubled pasts and uncertain futures—founder Sung Jae-gi leads them in a series of quixotic stunts that irritate some and persuade virtually no one, all to roll back the advance of feminism in South Korean society. Sung stubbornly presses on in the face of public apathy—until a confluence of events, including the impending election of Korea’s first woman president, shatters his aura of supreme confidence. Ahn Jeong-ho’s unsettling documentary digs deep into a phenomenon with resonance well outside of Korea, while probing the thin line between ideology and self-delusion.

IN COMPETITION for Best Documentary Feature

DIRECTOR:  Ahn Jeong-ho
WRITERS:  Ahn Jeong-ho, Kwon Do-young
PRODUCER:  Yang Seung-seok
CINEMATOGRAPHERS:  Kim Ja-yang, Park Ju-yeon
FEATURING:  Sung Jae-gi, Cho Dong-won, Sohn Seung-min, Jang Young-sil, Kim Dong-geun

LENGTH:  98 min
COUNTRY:  South Korea
GENRE:  Documentary