Raised by his siblings after his mother and father passed away in quick succession, director Dinesh Sabu sets out to understand who his parents were in this personal documentary.

UNBROKEN GLASS is remarkable in its candor, both in its investigation of how an immigrant couple dealt with the challenges of cultural assimilation and family expectations, and in its frank conversations about mental illness in a culture where such subjects are often taboo.

Filmmaker Dinesh Sabu expected in attendance!



IN COMPETITION for Best Documentary Feature

DIRECTOR:  Dinesh Das Sabu
WRITERS:  Matt Lauterbach, Dinesh Das Sabu
PRODUCERS:  Dinesh Das Sabu, R. Patrick Lile
CINEMATOGRAPHERS:  Ian Robertson Kibbe, Dinesh Das Sabu
FEATURING:  Dwarka Sabu, Susheela Sabu, Rashmi Sabu, Seema Sabu, Dinesh Das Sabu

LENGTH:  55 min
LANGUAGE:  English
GENRE:  Documentary